I did it. I made the best chocolate chip cookie.

Hey guys. Something happened to me this week.

I wanted a cookie. I really, really wanted a cookie. Continue reading


Oh Damn! Pots and Pans

Well good! Good good good. It’s been raining for several days and I am unable to go to work, because you can’t capture birds when it’s raining – truth. But I need to work. Because it’s my dissertation research. So I’m bouncing off the goddamn walls. What’s more, is that my aunt and uncle just had a party and then went out of town so I got ALL THE DELICIOUS LEFTOVERS. So I can’t even cook something for a blog post! My life is, like, 2unfair.

So here’s a followup to one of my first blog posts about necessary tools. This one is about pots and pans. Let’s get into it, if only to prevent me from watching another episode of Parks and Rec, for fuuuuucks sake. Continue reading

Store-bought granola is for the weak.

I guess summer is finally here! I can tell because I am covered in mosquito bites from fieldwork, and I’m always vaguely sweaty. I caught a hummingbird at work yesterday. Do you know how small those fuckers are? I promise you, at LEAST 50% smaller than you think. Their nest is the size of a QUARTER, YOU GUYS. The damn bird was as big as a bumblebee. I died. I didn’t get a picture, so here’s a pretty little Kentucky Warbler.

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